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The Objectives of the Foundation are innovation and education as well as support for democracy and the rule of law through:
  1. Activities supporting the development of initiatives, movements and civic societies as well as the values and standards of the functioning of public life in the Member States of the European Union.
  2. Activities aimed at building partnership between Latvia and other states, in particular, those referred to in subparagra ph 1, as well as between citizens of those states.
  3. Activities aimed at cooperation and integration of initiatives, movements, civic societies and states with other subjects of national and international law.
  4. Activities promoting changes, designed to provide citizens, in particular, of the states referred to in subparagraph 1, with equal possibilities for intellectual, educational, professional, social and cultural development and to fully exercise their civil rights.
  5. Activities supporting security and public order, development of self-governance, education, culture, sports, cultural heritage, environment, health protection as well as the increase of availability and improvement of the standards of the functioning of other public and social services.